Affiliate Marketing, What Is That ?

The number of affiliate marketers around the world could be up to hundreds of thousands. On top of that, more people are attempting affiliate marketing everyday. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to making money online.

But how does it work? Online retailers, allow people like me, you or outsiders to advertise their goods online. This is how you get the name affiliate, sometimes called referral marketing. In return, you get a commission when people make a purchase from the site or ad you lead them to.

Getting Money In Your Pocket
You are only paid when you get results. For example, Ben loves to play golf. Ben has been golfing for 8 years now. The thought has hit him to create a website that provides the best advice and tips to help people perfect their game.

Once he releases the information on his site he informs his visitors about equipment and supplies to enhance their game. In addition to that he signs up for a few affiliate programs to promote golfing products. A visitor clicks on an add for a set of golf clubs and goes ahead and makes the purchase. The sale that was made has just helped to put money in Ben’s pocket.

Just like that Ben has earned money and never met the person who made the purchase.

If you have done anything like that online then you can be known as an affiliate marketer. Wouldn’t life be easy for you if you don’t like the hassle of trying to find out what to say in order to get someone to purchase something from you.

I must say one of the big benefits of affiliate marketing is you don’t have to have your own product or service. You just take a product or service promote it and make money.

The Early Days Of Affiliate Marketing
Some of the largest companies in the world have affiliate programs. The inventing of the affiliate marketing program is usually linked to In 1996, it started an "associates" program. Small websites would register with Amazon and have links or banner ads on their site. When a customer clicked on one of the Amazon ads, the small website owner was paid a commission for driving traffic to Amazon. Today, even small home business are benefiting by having affiliate programs.

The art of affiliate marketing is finding out what is it that people need and the product or service that will help meet that need. Consumers are in search of something everyday. As an affiliate you would build an advertising campaign, article, blog post or website that will gain attention, get traffic and you earn commissions.

You never have to pay to join a legitimate affiliate marketing program. Many times they will give you the website and promotional tools, all you have to do is drive traffic to it. The merchants themselves take care of all customer related issues like customer complaints and inquiries. This sure beats the hassle when you create your own products and have to deal with this responsibility.

As with most partnerships there are rules that you must abide by if you are going to succeed as an affiliate marketer. I do encourage you to read the agreement page whenever you sign up to an affiliate marketing program.

Finally, don’t just dream about it go ahead and do it.

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