Your Affiliate Marketing Business Plan

 Whether you have heard about affiliate marketing for a while or just trying to understand it, you should have some type of goal if you want to have any type of success. As with most things in life, only those who put a proper plan in place turnout to be a success. I know you may have heard about the money that can and will be made but you must set a plan in place.

 When you set something to motivate you and work towards, it will more likely get done. I know I may be boring you and you just need to know where to make the money but this too is a key link you need. I don’t want you to fall into the category that most do when starting out and get discourage then find the nearest exit. 

Developing a proper game plan is the thing that is going to keep you focused and motivated to keep moving forward. I am going to be up front with you and tell you that it is going to take some work on your behalf. Anything that is going to be of great value or beneficial requires work to be put in. 

It will sure be a whole lot easier if you set up milestones to work towards. The device you are reading this on was put together because someone had a plan. Now just look how that plan has developed over the years and enhanced the lives of many. On that note lets get to the plan: 

6 Steps To Last As An Affiliate Marketing 

1. Find a purpose – Whether it’s long term or short, why do you want to be an affiliate marketer? Is it to improve your financial position? Do you desire to have your own business? Do you need to get rid of all your debts? How about purchasing your next car cash? Do you want to create a legacy? If you don’t have a goal you have nothing to pursue. 

 2. Find a market - How do you find a suitable potential market? Using a keyword search tool select a keyword e.g diet and see how many people have searched this particular keyword. The information on the search results will help you to determine if that market is profitable or not. This will also give you the idea of similar niches.
3. Find suitable products - Yes, something that will help better the lives of your potential market. Since we have already searched the keyword diet we’ll stay in that niche. Let’s look for something on weight loss. You do a search similar to this “affiliate + weight loss”. This will provide you with a number of products. Another place you can check is Clickbank that would have products for that niche.

4. Find ways to promote - For simplicity and the no money down route start a blog. You can set up a free account at WordPress or Blogger. You may have to take some time to think about the niche you want to reach out to and the name of the blog you want to set up.

Since people always want things that will benefit them, aim to provide content with tips, information, and strategies to help them loose weight and enjoy better health as in your example keyword- diet. As you do this it will give you the opportunity to present and direct them to your affiliate product for them to take action toward the information you have showed with them.

5. Build a customer base - This is where you get people to opt-in by giving them something free or subscribing to your free newsletter. Then as time goes on, you continue to interact with your subscribers providing valuable content and informing them about various promotions and products from time to time.

6. Network- These are the people who can identify where you are. They have dug in the trenches and found a way to build a successful affiliate marketing business. Here is where I would like to see you. Imagine one day seeing yourself as an affiliate marketing coach or specialists that can help show someone the way out.

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