9 “Must Do’s” For A High Converting Squeeze Page

For any online business building a list is very important. This is necessary for future profits, growth and success. You may receive sales as an affiliate from direct visits to your site but you want to set up your business to get as much repeat sales from your buyers as possible. And exactly how do you do that?

Build a high converting squeeze page or opt-in site. The are some important components that you must do to accomplish this though. This is why I want to quickly give you 9 things to strengthen the impact of your squeeze page:

1. Keep the opt-in box above the fold.
“Above the fold” is the upper half of your site and the first area that your visitors will see. Your visitors will not have to scroll down to see or find it. Even if they desire to view other information on your site they know where to return to sign up. Since this is the most important element of your site then make sure it is the easiest to find.
2. Place the opt-in box at the upper right of the screen.


The normal flow of the majority of your readers is from left to right. This will always cause their eyes to land at your opt-in form. Depending on the amount of information on your site they will come across your opt-in box numerous times.

3. Add a big headline with a strong benefit to encourage signing up.
Your headline must appeal to the self interest of your readers. You must aim to give them the strongest benefit possible. Remember your favorite radio station ? WIIFM “What’s In It For Me”. I’m sorry but you are not the only one that loves that station. Your headline must be able to answer this question for them and answer it quickly. If you fail to attract them then your headline has failed.  


4. Give a valuable FREE gift for signing up.

The word free alone will begin to get the initial interest of your readers. With this in mind you must be able to show them how much it is worth but you are willing to give it to them FREE for subscribing. People love to know that they can get something valuable for nothing or next to it. They need something to brag to there friends about.

5. Display an attractive picture of the FREE gift.

Let your readers see the incentive that they are getting. Help them to believe that it is a real gift that you are ready to send to them. Pictures leave an imprint in peoples’ mind all the time. Even if they don’t subscribe you will have them continually thinking about it. Hopefully the image will help them to see the need to subscribe for your free gift.

6. Use bullet points and inform them of the main benefits of your newsletter.

The use of bullets points will help break up the page for your reader’s. You must make it as easy to read as possible. This is what makes them absorb the information better. If they see a bunch of copy then it will have the potential of turning them off. This method also helps to get the specific points across to your reader. Do what it takes to make it exciting to read.

7. Getting them to opt-in must be your main focus.

When you have to many options it can lead to your visitor being distracted. All your efforts must be geared towards getting your visitor to subscribe. You don’t need them to click on another link that would lead them to another page before they opt-in. What would happen if they never come back. And the main focus again? Get them to Opt-In.

8. Just ask for name and email only.
You want to give them as less work as possible. The less information you ask for the greater the chances of them giving it to you. You don’t want them to put up a wall of defense by asking them for too much. Remember in most cases you are a total stranger to them. You must give time to build a relationship and for them to begin to trust you further.


9. Add a privacy statement and/or a link to your privacy policy.

This is often linked at the bottom of the page or your opt-in box. Your visitors need to know that they are giving their information to you alone and no one else. They need to know what you do with their personal information and be assured that you do not plan to sell it to someone else. They need to know that other companies or organization will not be spamming them.

Remember your main focus Get them to Opt-In.

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