Is Dot Com Secrets & Russell Brunson Full Of Scams?

I really must tell you of something that has happened to me personally a few months ago. I decided to take advantage of an opportunity for a free product offered by Dot Com Secrets owned by internet marketer Russell Brunson.

During this process I had the chance of receiving one month free access to Dot Com Secrets membership site. If I continued with the membership ship site I would be charged monthly for further access.

Eventually I decided to cancel the membership. A few months passed but to my surprise I noticed that my credit card was still being charged for this service. I emailed the customer support team to see what went wrong with this matter. The customer service staff personnel investigated the matter in order to remove me from their active list. 

Guess what happened next?

Somehow the balance on my credit card seemed to be not what I expected.After careful view of my statement I noticed a charges from Dot Com Secrets. Yes, after I had cancelled. Well, in this day and time you cannot afford to be charged for anything that you are not using. Even more, something that you do not want.

Once again it was time to contact customer service. Yes time for another email. Does it get better or worse? I forwarded all the necessary information to bring them up to date on what I was experiencing. I was contacted by another representative on this matter.

It was not clear what went wrong but another attempt to solve this was in motion. I was told that the monies that have been charged to my credit card would be returned back to my credit account. The amount was stated in the email I received accumulating up to about nine months of charges.

Will I see my money again? With so many people claiming to be internet marketers it is scary to most persons. Who can be trusted and who is trying to scam you out of your money? After awhile I decided to check my credit card account balance one day.


Test Of Integrity

I want you to realize that having any type of business is not easy. On the other hand it is of great importance how you run your business and treat your customers or potential customers. It seems like many persons have thrown honesty and integrity out of the business window. I must say that what I heard when I checked my credit card balance was good news. After all the dilemma it has been proven personally to me that Dot Com Secrets and Russell Brunson are not out to scam. In my eyes they have been able to pass the test of honesty and business integrity. A man’s business and the people that represent him can make or break him.

Finally let me say that Russell Brunson checks are real. I was able to also receive affiliate commissions’ check from one of his free affiliate programs. If you want to learn more about any of his products then check out the list below.

1. MicroContinuity 2.0- #1 DCS Selling Program

2. WOW Webinar

3. Darkside of Dotcomsecrets

4. Self Improvement Millionaires

What do you think about this story? Do you have a story to tell? What kind of experience have you had online?

Take care until…


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