Simple Method To Generate 600 + Traffic Exchange Credits Per Hour

As you know, the only way you can get more credits and visitors to your site is by surfing more sites. Have you found yourself wanting to surf more sites but have to wait until the timer counts down before you can go to the next site? Ever wondered what else you can do while you wait?

This method will surely cut down on the time you've been spending in the past. Why spend long hours surfing when you can get more done in one hour. After discovering this method, it will be totally up to you, if you want to surf longer. More surfing increases traffic to your site.

Yes I do know how it feels when you have to wait for the timer to count down and your thinking about a number of other things you can be doing. If you're like me, you're looking for the fastest way possible to get the job done. If you believe time is money, the faster you get traffic coming to your site then the faster you will get money to your account. I know you wouldn't mind getting your checks coming in a bit faster.

How will this benefit you? How does paying your bills on time sound? Or having the money to buy your next car cash? One more thing before I move on, owning your home faster than you thought. I know sounds even better. Now let's get to the how.

First you need to sign up with a minimum of 5 traffic exchange sites. What is traffic exchange? A free traffic exchange site offers website owners the ability to promote their websites or affiliate marketing campaigns for free, or at very low cost.

The objective is to surf around other members websites, and for each viewing, you get so many of your own URLs and banners added into the rotation for other members to view. You must view the site for 10-20 seconds before you can move on. There are hundreds, if not thousands of free traffic exchanges online today.

When you would have completed the registration process on your first account, go ahead and submit your affiliate squeeze pages or sites that you want to drive traffic to. Bear in mind some of the traffic exchange sites allow you to submit more sites than the other. Choose what is beneficial to you. Even though you may only be able to submit 3 sites compared to 5, take note of the membership total.

A membership of 50,000 may be beneficial than 16,000. What happens here is you have more fresh eyes to view your site. This is for the free membership level but if you decide to upgrade then the benefits increase. In some cases you can submit unlimited sites. With the first traffic exchange site open, click on the open a new tab button on your web browser toolbar to open a new page.

This will be for your second traffic exchange site. Do the same set up as the first then repeat until you have at least five exchange sites set up. Don't forget to bookmark all tabs for the next time you surf. Go back to the first exchange site to begin surfing the next page. While the timer is counting down, switch to the second site to begin surfing. Continue this method until you get to exchange site number five, then repeat cycle alternating between tabs. Do this for one hour or as long as you desire.

Save to your favorites or bookmark any sites that may interest you in order for you to view again when you are through surfing. Here's what it would look like if you surfed 5 traffic exchange sites for one hour compare the difference with this new method: 15 second timer = 1 site.

2:1 ratio = (every 2 sites you visit you get 1 visitor (or credit), some sites are 1:1)

60 secs. (1 minute) 60/15 sec. = 4 sites

60 min. (1 hr.) * 4 = 240 sites

240 × 5 (traffic exchange sites) = 1,200 sites

1,200 ÷2 = 600 credits

Whether you are a newbie to internet marketing or a seasoned marketer this is a great free advertising method to generate more leads and promote your online home business. I challenge you to do this for the next 7 days and watch the difference. Good success and happy surfing.

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