10 Affiliate Review Sites Building Tips

If you are looking for an easy affiliate business model to use, a review site is a simple choice. It works wonders for many reasons and is very common. Even though it is no doubt a direct sales site, it is set up by providing your visitors quality information. This helps to advise them to make a quality decision from the products reviewed on your site. 

 Your review site can be set up in many ways. You could review two, three or four products stacked on top of one another. The first one will be your “top” pick followed by other suggested products. The last one will be your “least” favorite pick. 

Each product features a brief overview along with a graphic. You can also compare them side-by-side in a chart form. The chart form is easy for visitors to understand and doesn’t require you to write a lot of copy. It allows you to guide your visitor to your top ranking product.   

To have an effective review site you will need: 

Top “Must Dos” for your Review Site:  

1) KNOW your products - If you have not purchased or own it, do the proper research. 

2) Use visuals - Let graphics and charts help visitors see clear differences between products. Customers are more familiar with stars and checkmarks.  

3) Let the #1 pick be your top converting product - A winner converts well for good reasons with customers.  

4) Get visitors to opt-in - Offer a free gift. You can keep in contact with them with future product reviews via email. 

5) Make sure you are not bias - Be sure your reviews include negatives as well as positives. 

6) Never forget the basics - Product name, price, etc.  

7) Add important links and Call To Action - Be sure visitors know where to click to buy the product or sign up for the service. 

8) Stress the word FREE! - Merchants may offer a free trial, be sure the word FREE is big, bold and “in your face”. 

9) Set up good navigation- Make sure visitors know how to move around your site.
10) Compare BENEFITS of products - Set up your review as a solution to the list of problems your visitors need solved.
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