10 Proven Keywords To Create Successful Headlines

Pay attention to the following information and you can be richly rewarded for years to come. What you use to attract potential prospects can be one of the top components to your advertising strategy.  

Whether you promote ads on the internet, newspapers, magazines, or radio, hooks and headlines are crucial when starting the selling process. Your biggest challenge? You only have a few seconds to make your headline work.  

If your prospect turns away from your headline then chances are they may not look back. This is the biggest issue you must aim to avoid.  

For me, words are a form of action, capable of influencing change. 

Ingrid Bengis

The same way pictures can get your attention, a simple headline can do the same. I do understand that using pictures can be a whole lot easier but there are times you must use written language to communicate to others. 

 Using the right hooks or bait will help determine how many prospects give your advertisement or sales pitch a second look. This is what creates the mood to make your sales easier. 

The key to the whole picture is that your potential prospect wants to see how special they are to you. Are you offering something that can improve their life? I’m sure you have heard of the world famous radio station W.I.I.F.M (What’s In It For Me).

Sometimes it is just the right combination of keywords. There are a few keywords that have been tried and tested over the years and proven to make millions of dollars in successful sales. If you want to be a winner in creating your own successful headlines the following list of words can be beneficial.  

1) You - As far as they are concerned, your reader considers themselves the most important individual on the planet. It is up to you to make them feel that way. e.g. Can I send YOU this for Christmas? 

2) Your - The earths most important possessor. e.g. Our loss is YOUR gain.

3) How - Stir up the curiosity in them. Help them to know that you have the answer to their question. e.g. HOW to get free health care. 

 4) New - This helps them to know that they could be one of the first ones to get this new information or product. Great for those who wants to show off to their friends. e.g. NEW profit strategy or Get if free today. Our NEW linking software. 
 5) Who - Often begins with “Who wants to… ”and continues with “have a million dollar smile for a fraction of the cost?” The popularity of this could be linked to “Who wants to be a millionaire?” 
 6) Money - Everybody is always trying to get more, even the wealthy. A very strong bait. A necessity they will need until they die. e.g. 10 ways to save MONEY on your power bill.
 7) Now - Oftentimes help them to know that they better pay attention to what is being said. They could lose out or win if they act “Now”. e.g. Why you should be looking for a better job right NOW.
8)  People - Hey! I’m part of the people group. I guess this is important information for me. No one wants to be left out. e.g. What successful PEOPLE have in common.
9) Want - It doesn’t matter how much they have, they always want more. Imagine if more is different and new. They will do whatever they need to do to get more of what they want. e.g. If you WANT that better job then do this.
10) Why - The tool to stir up more curiosity again. Since they are looking for answers this is how you to tell them. The answer to this question is always “because”. e.g. Discover WHY you are seriously losing money.
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