Blogging For Profit And Traffic

Blogging for profit involves specific knowledge of how to make money online, although if you're just blogging for traffic then you are guaranteed that if you link your web site to your blog.

In order to blog for profit, or to make cash in other words, you should understand the principles of Google Adsense,  selling advertising space on your blog and affiliate marketing. You could also advertise your goods on your blog if you have any to sell, but you'll likely be doing the selling from your web site and that's another method altogether.

Prior to discussing ways by which you can use your blog to make money, let's first discuss your blog, and where you're operating it from. If your blog is a Blogger or WordPress blog hosted by either of these two, then your choices are really restricted when compared to uploading your own blogging software from If you are serious about blogging for money then you should do so from your own web site.

When you have no web host as yet, and are seeking one from which to operate your blog, then make sure that your host offers MySQL. You'll need that to run WordPress from your website. The reason that WordPress is recommended is that it is the best blogging software online if you have your own website. If you don't, then many people prefer Blogger, although others still use WordPress from the site.

I will not go further into this because it is not the object of this article, which is to suggest ways of making cash from a blog. First register with Google Adsense. Enter that into your browser and follow all the instructions. You will be able to provide adverts on your blog, and will be paid every time somebody clicks on an advert. They do not have to buy anything from the ad.

You should place your Adsense blocks someplace on your sidebar, and also at the bottom of your blog to ensure that when individuals have finished reading they've something to click on. If your reader reaches the end of your article, page of blog, it means that are thinking about what are writing, otherwise they would have left and clicked on to somewhere else.

If you have nothing at the end of the post or the page, then people will feel somewhat let down. In the event you provide them with something to do, simply to click on an ad that interests them, then that's what they are liable to do. The theme of the adverts are determined by the Google contextual algorithm often known as LSI, that determines the theme of your content through the vocabulary that you use in it.

You can also provide affiliate links on your blog: links to goods being sold by others whereby you get a proportion of the sales cost for each sales (frequently 50%). You can find lots of affiliate products to sell on or simply by entering the term into your favourite search engine. These links can take the type of banner ads, text links or clickable logo, and you can place them anyplace on your blog.

This applies mainly for blogs run from your own website, where you've total editing over the html of the various components of your blog: the stylesheet that controls each complete page, the headers, footers, sidebars and everything else that makes up your blog. You do not have this degree of control over a hosted blog. If you want to use your blog to make real money, then it is essential to have your blog on your own web site instead of on a blog host such as Blogger or

There are other methods in which to use your blog to generate money, and blogging for revenue and traffic is a combination of many sources of income and traffic generation techniques. As soon as you understand how to make use of these, you will find your blog a lot more useful than just a simple website.

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