10 Tips To Get More Clicks

Idea go/FreeDigitalPhotos.net Do you need more traffic to your website? You can   never have enough traffic. Getting more traffic to your blog or website is an issue that  many are always looking for solutions. Bear in mind that one trick will never be the ultimate answer.

It takes a combination of strategies to get a consistent flow of clicks to your website. Some will produce better results than others but if you keep working at it you may surprise yourself with the results.

Here’s 10 tips you can go ahead and start using now:

1. Free Giveaways

People will take advantage of free stuff. Make sure what you are giving away is related to your niche. If you are going to invest time in giving out free things then you should find the people who really want it. e.g. free ebook, free report, free software, free gift certificate, free vacations .

2. Valuable Discounts
The search for the best deals is always on. If you help people see that you are giving them a bargain then expect some customers. Even better, if they like it then they will tell others. Discounts can be done in many ways, e.g. buy one get one free, dollar off, percentage off., etc.

3. Highlight The Benefits
How great your product or service is isn’t the top issue to prospects. They really what to know “What’s In It For ME?” you must tell them how it can improve their position and life. Use benefits like, become smarter than your friends, make money with no money, how to get a promotion, lose weight and  stay fit, etc.

4. Sample or Trial Offer
Helps people to know that they can go on a test run with your product or service. It also makes them comfortable that they don’t have to make any commitment to buy. A benefit to you is finding out from them how you can improve it if they don’t buy.

5. Encourage People To Click
Click Here to download your secret no money system”. This is another way you can get more clicks. You must remember there are new people everyday learning and searching the internet. Not everyone has the knowledge that you can click on banners. Adding “Click Here” can lead them along.

6. Reverse Psychology
You would think that telling people not to click will keep them away. If you put some good effort into your add or banner curiosity will draw them in e.g. Don’t Click Here If You Have Enough Website Traffic.

7. Attractive Words In Ads
Use popular proven words like free, new, hot, fast, easy, etc. Make sure your words identify with what you are promoting.

8. Add Testimonies
Using testimonies gives strength to what you are offering. You give people evidence and proof that your product or offer is beneficial. It helps people make the decision to try your offer.

9. Add Endorsements
Sometimes getting more clicks comes down to trust. A popular and respectable face can easily draw more attention to your product or service. This is especially true if you are just getting started.

10. Guarantee Statement
This helps people feel comfortable to know that they can get their money back. It can also encourage more people to just give your products a try if they desire. Safety and security can be a plus.

Feel free to use any of these tips to get more clicks to your product or service website. For maximum results combine various techniques. Please feel free to share your feedback or experience.

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