Sneaky Affiliate Tricks

Yes affiliate marketing rocks, but it's really hard to get started. This is because there are already a lot of people doing it. In order to survive you have to beat your competition. It's also hard to figure out what to do because there's a lot of information out there. Here's one trick that almost no one else is using.

Video marketing

You can't deny that video is powerful. The reason it's so pervasive is because everyone loves it. It's so much easier to keep people's attention with video. So using it in your affiliate promotions is a no-brainer!

Here are a few ideas for creating affiliate videos:

  • Do a testimonial video
  • Record a walk-through
  • Do an ordering video
  • Record a preview of the members area


This is probably the easiest of all. Just turn on your web cam and talk. It doesn't have to be professional or polished. Listening to your honest endorsement makes your viewers feel comfortable buying. And honestly, if you mess up it just makes it seem more authentic. So serious, just turn on the camera and talk. If you don't want to be in front of the camera use one of the other methods.

Do a video walk-through

This one is a little more subtle. You're taking the role of teacher and showing how to use the product. And while they watch you use it, they think, "I should buy that." If it's useful, then what you're teaching just makes people want it. So pick some really helpful aspect of the product and show how to use that.

Record the order process

This technique is super powerful. Record yourself placing an order. There is nothing more motivating than watching someone buy something live. First, it's social proof. Once they see you doing it, they feel more secure. Second, it builds trust. People believe you're giving them good advice if you take that advice yourself. And finally, it creates envy. It's simple - you have it. Now they want it. To really cap this one off, end your video with: You're gonna have to place your own order if you want to see the members area.

Record a preview of the members area

This one is perfect for building up the value of what you're promoting. What you do is record a tour of the back end. And show them everything they get by ordering. This one also helps to remove the skepticism. Once they've seen the back-end, they know it's real.

It's easy!

You don't need any special training for this. Anyone can create stunning videos with some easy-to-use software. The software really does all the work So there's no need to even think about the technical side. Remain focused on the benefits:

  • More sales You will increase your affiliate sales when you start using videos. Start using videos because people love them.
  • Less refunds You'll also have less of your commissions taken back. Now they know what they get before they purchase. So, very few of them will cancel their order.
  • Beat your competition! This is a really easy thing to do. And almost no one is doing it. So, you'll be way ahead of the crowd.

Take your affiliate promotions to a higher level and getting started with this now. Not using video is detrimental to you business. So do it!


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