How and why to build an email list

You've probably heard this common Internet marketing mantra a million times. Lists make money. Building your own list is one of the last legitimate home based business opportunities. You must learn how to build a list in order to reach your potential.

Why it works

Most people won't open their wallets after seeing a marketing message only once. Putting a message in front of an individual on multiple occasions is more likely to result in a sale. You have the chance to share your messages repeatedly with those who are a part of your list.

Plus, most people are more likely to make purchases from people they feel they know and can trust. List marketing gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the people on your list. Relationship building creates an opportunity to encourage sales.

How to do it

Building a list is a rock-solid way to take advantage of a good home based business opportunities online, and it beings with a single simple page - the squeeze page. A squeeze page exists to do one thing and one thing only. It should persuade the reader to become part of your list. Nothing else really matters.

Most of the time, people encourage sign ups by offering a free gift to new subscribers. This is a proven strategy that you can use to spur the success of your business.

It's not enough to have a good freebie, though. It's also critical to put together a squeeze page in the right manner. There are proven ways to build an optimal squeeze page. You should emulate those proven techniques. That means you'll want to follow these three guidelines.

Squeeze page basics

First, your squeeze page should be free of all outgoing links with the exception of the "submit" button on your sign up form. You don't want to provide your prospective customers with an "escape route" or distractions that may reduce conversions.

Additionally, your squeeze page should have a concise, strong message. You want your squeeze page to generate those sign ups - everything else is extraneous and will decrease effectiveness. Remember that your squeeze page is there for a single reason - to build your list. Every line of that squeeze page should exist to serve that objective.

Third, you need to treat the sign up process like a sale - you must "close the deal". That means that you will need to make a strong, persuasive call to action as part of your sign up form. Make it clear to readers that they'll benefit from the simple, free act of filling out your subscriber form.


If you're following those three pieces of advice and are offering a smart "bribe", you'll have a successful squeeze page! That will give you the opportunity to develop an effective relationship with prospects. You'll also have the chance to expose your subscribers to key marketing messages more than once.

You will take your Internet marketing efforts to the next level if you learn how to build an email list. The fact that so many successful marketers embrace list building isn't an accident. The money really is in the list!

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