8 Advantages Of Adding Your Articles To E-zines

Is article marketing still relevant today? With so much talk about social networking, do you still need to invest time in submitting articles? Before you quit submitting articles to e-zines let’s look quickly at 8 advantages of submitting to e-zines:

1. Free Advertising
No need to pay for what you can get free. Wherever possible get as much as you can. What this does is allow you to use your moneys and profits on the other advertising methods. Other e-zines that don’t use your articles you could by advertising.

2. Personal Label
This affords you the opportunity to label your business, site, and yourself when you submit. You could add your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box. Good articles lead people here when they want to find out more about the author or writer. This is where you draw the reader to where you want to take them.

3. Become An Expert
The topics you write about will help you to be seen as an expert. Remember people go to these places looking for information or to find help. This is one of the ways that you add credibility to your business. You will get steps ahead of your competition.

4. Extra Exposure
Imagine making the publishers home page. How would this help you and your business? This puts your articles before the eyes of more viewers. The homepage is the center of attention for these websites.

5. Extra Income
Bear in mind this can open new doors for you. You may be approached by people desiring to hire you to write other articles, books. Through these means you can gain additional income.

6. Free Publishing/ More Advertisement
It is a common thing for ebooks to be given away. What if e-zine publishers choose to publish your article? This causes your advertising wings to spread even more. Additional credibility for you to be seen in e-zine publishers free ebooks.

7. Republication
Your articles may even be republished on other sites by other persons looking for free content. There are e-zine publishers with free content directory on their sites. You will get more traffic from others through this avenue.

8. Gain Trust
As people get familiar with your articles they will begin to trust you. This can spin of to a win/win situation for all. They benefit from your articles and recommended products or service and you benefit from sales.

Make sure that you don’t lose out on grabbing the profits and exposure available from article marketing.

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