Benefits of a Self Hosted Blog.

Blogging by getting a self hosted blogging platform like wordpress using your own web site name is the preferred system for most professional online marketers. Professional online markets are those people who have learned enough about blogging that they make a full time income from blogging. Some even make many thousands each year. The internet isn't some fad, it's here for good. Today we have a look at how it's possible for you to earn money online with a self hosted blog.

What is the most popular blogging platform for self hosted blogs?

The most popular blogging platform is wordpress. With a wordpress self hosted blog, you as the webmaster, have complete control. You can manage the arrangement of your blog to make certain is completely optimised for search engine ranking. These sorts of blogging platforms also allow you the highest level of customization.

Can I change the appearance of my blog simply?

Yes, you can, in many ways. To begin with, there are actually thousands of free themes available. If you decide to buy themes for precise monetization plans, for example for adsense sites, there are several options available also. If you need to modify the look of your blog by changing the sidebar placement, add plugins to allow specific functionality you have the freedom to do that. You can change whatever you like when you like.

With self hosted blogs you can ad photos, videos and even upload your own products or ebooks to offer to your visitors. You can add professional looking picture galleries and sliders to give your blog visitors interesting things to have a look at. If you need to add your business or personal logo on every page, you can do that to.

How do the search engines find a blog?

Search engines find blogs through the way they are set up and are judged on how they meet the requirements of the search engine. This is usually called search engine optimization. A great feature is that most of the free themes are search engine optimization ready so all you need to do is make one or two clicks to optimise your blog so that the search engines will find and will love your blog.

Making money from your self hosted blog is really easy and the sky is the limit. You can add as many or as few adverts as you like. It's a brilliant idea to look at other popular internet sites and see where they put their advertising and use that as a guide. Advertising can be very profitable but it's very important not to go too far.

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