Free Blogs Versus Self Hosted Blogs.

There are lots of strategies to earn income online by blogging. Today we explore the difference between free and self hosted blogs.

Many people ask, is there a difference between getting a free wordpress blog or setting up a self hosted blog. The clear answer is a definite yes.

What is the difference between free and self hosted blogs? 

The major difference is what you can do with your blog and the amount of earnings you can potentially earn through promotion of affiliate products, promotion of your own products or through other profit making techniques like adsense or cost per action networks.

Free blogging platforms will very likely limit the quantity of ads you can place on the blog, restricting your earnings. Some free blogging platforms will also suggest that join up to adsense and will share a share of the income with you.

What else is different?

Free blogging platforms like will have limits and restrictions on what you may have on your blog. Your URL (website name) will look like this You'll be limited on the quantity of themes and plugins you can add to your blog which would scale back your opportunity to have an individual looking blog and will also limit its overall functionality.

When is a free blog the very best choice?

If you're just wanting to blog for your own interest or for fun and are not interested in cash making potential of your blog, then free blogging platforms are fine. There's nonetheless, always a risk the administrator may take down your blog and offer you no reason. Make sure that you read the terms of the free blogging platform before signing up.

Read conditions and terms.

There'll be terms and conditions you must agree to before they will allow you to start your own blog. Most of us don't read these agreements and just tick the box; however it is a smart idea to literally read through the terms and conditions so you know what is and isn't permitted. This will save you any unpleasant surprises later on like you blog disappearing from the internet after some months of hard work.

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