Why You Should Use Google Adsense To Make Money On The Internet

You have probably heard of how many people are making money online. You may have even heard about Google Adsense as being one of the easiest ways to do this. This article will explain to you a bit about what Adsense is and why it is a great way, especially for newbies, to make money online.

The answer about Google Adsense is a definite yes: it is easy to implement and make money. Because it is easy to start, it is also one of my recommendations for people to use when they first start out in internet marketing as well. In the old days traditional banner advertising was the only way to go but this had a problem of being very untargeted. People then started using product sales and affiliate links, but using this meant you earned money on each purchase only.

With Adsense, you are paid per click or paid per action. And it is also easy to implement. As opposed to affiliate ads you do not have to find the product yourself.

What you need to think about is the size of the ad placement, the shape of the ad placement, and the colors. You don't have to worry about finding advertisers, finding programs for each specific page, or even keeping all the links up to dates as affiliate programs come and go.

Secondly, the ads are generated based on the contents of your site automatically. Google is a search engine company and its script can analyze your page for keywords and then search its directory of advertisers to deliver highly targeted ad content.

Compare this to banner ads or even affiliate links. If any page on your site falls outside of these categories for banner or affiliate links, the ads you have are not targeted anymore. Users won't be as likely to click on your ads. Google Adsense manages this behind the scenes, keeping your likelihood of ad clicking higher.

With Google AdSense that just about never happens: the ads are targeted. The user comes to your site looking for information and the ads displayed are possible answers that the user is looking for.

With traditional advertising and banners and affiliate links, you have to continue to keep your ads relevant as a webmaster. Not so with Google Adsense. Google Adsense acts as the "broker". It can search in its database of advertisers and match them with your content.

This all sounds wonderful right? Well, it gets better because implementing Adsense is actually quite easy. It's much easier than affiliate links and banner advertising. You simply create ads by picking a size and colors. A javascript code is created and you can copy and paste this code to any page you want to display the ad on. Since it is a copy and paste, you are also really flexible on choosing the location of your ad placement. No creating of your own banners. No fancy linking and image sizing tricks. Just copy and paste the javascript code.

What do you need to do from here?

Here are a few steps:

1. Create a website if you do not have one already. A blog does very well with Adsense also.

2. Create your content to be keyword targeted. For any existing content, you will want to consider modifying it to also be keyword targeted. The way to do this is to take the overall meaning of the page, check out Google Adwords keyword tool to find out what keywords people are using to search for content like yours, find keywords with high search volume, and use those keywords in your articles. You will most likely have a "main" keyword to focus on and then many "related" keywords. Use the "main" keyword in the title, intro, and conclusion. Use the "related" keywords throughout the rest of your article.

3. If you have not already, apply for a Google Adsense account. You will need to submit a site for approval so make sure you have a quality website up with quality content.

4. Once approved, you can create Adsense "units". These units will provide javascript for you to copy and paste to any page on your website you want to display ads on. Furthermore, once approved, you can add Adsense "units" to any website you run.

That is the main procedure. You can also do more as far as generating traffic and building backlinks. Those are intermediate and advanced tactics I will write about later. For now one thing you can do is since you already have articles and content written, you can submit each article to various article directories. In the resource box link the article back to the specific page on your website. This should be a great way to generate traffic to your site.

Again, though, the main idea right now is just to get you started. This means getting a site up and getting your content keyword optimized and ready for Adsense use. So get started and good luck with making money on the internet with Google Adsense!

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