How to Be a Success with Facebook Marketing

In today's market, Facebook is one of the top sites you can use to build your brand. There's so much that you can achieve with it, literally making the sky your limit. You need to understand how Facebook works before you can get started on your new marketing campaign. Facebook gives plenty of options for marketing, so read a few of the ideas below to get started.

Place the Like Button in Your Videos:

Although YouTube is tops when it comes to online video, Facebook is still number one when it comes to overall views and video exposure. When you give a video to Facebook and not YouTube, you can then embed the like button directly into your video.

This is so that your viewers can vote positively on your page if they like your video. Although this might seem like a small feature, it actually is a huge deal. This is because videos on Facebook can go viral if they are really that good. Since people can look at your video without being impressed by your page, you have the chance to appeal to them and change their mind about your page. This might turn into a good way to remind the person who watched you video and wanted to like your page.

Paying attention to items such as these will aid in your getting plenty of Facebook Likes in no time at all. Use a Reveal Page to Get More 'Likes': Garnering more 'likes' should be one of your aims to make sure that your fan page is growing. Using a reveal page effectively would be attracting new people by offering something that they will only find on your page. This is another incentive for people to 'like' your page. It's not just you, a lot of major companies are using Facebook to attract a larger following.

You will attract more people and keep them coming back to your page by making your reveal page one of the first things they see. Expectations are a tricky thing when it comes to your fans, so make sure you are offering something they want or you'll find your number of fans dwindling. Show your fans the appreciation they deserve and spend time creating a great incentive so, in turn, you will get more 'likes'.

Plan Real World Programs:

Using Facebook to facilitate a deeper connection with your target audience is something that every Facebook marketer should be doing. One efficient way to accomplish this is to hold real world events, where you ask your followers to participate. This can be accomplished by just making things fun. This can be things such as uploading pictures from the events and tagging things.

This gives you the chance to provide your followers with a good experience and get them to see things the same way that you do. Yes, it will take some effort on your part. But, you will be glad that you did it.


Take advantage of a captive audience on Facebook and start asking questions about what they like and dislike. This will be beneficial when you are trying something new and want feedback. Voting on a particular product or service is one way to use this feature. Online marketers can get free market research just by asking you to answer a few questions about things you want. You can use Facebook successfully by showcasing your page in the best way for the people you want to attract.

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