Why You Need To Find Out About Free For All Websites

Surprisingly enough, but you may still find free for all sites throughout the web. If any of you are oblivious I am going to clarify exactly what a free for all site is. A free for all site is a location where anyone and everyone can submit a link with regards to website. In the beginning it was a great way to build links to your website and you could do it quickly. Nowadays the search engines frown upon anyone utilizing this method in order to build links. This now has become a thing that is not just a complete waste of time but there are other reasons this should be avoided.

I can see why this is often rather tempting to do. The particular urge will there be and I do understand. It is possible to take your link and place it on one site and you could wind up having your website linked to thousands of other sites instantly. Almost every free for all site are part of a circle of sites, and there can actually be thousands of sites in one network. Yet what most men and women don't realize is that these sites are pointless. So not only will you not really be doing a bit of good for your site you could in fact be doing more harm.

The reason behind this is because when any kind of site ends up getting thousands of links instantly, the search engines recognize that their is something fishy going on. I am certain you understand yourself that this kind of linking is just not normal. That is why Google looks at these types of sites as bad websites.

Another thing you should realize is that when you post your ad and link it is published on loads of websites. Now each individual who owns one of these kinds of websites gets your email address once you post and whether you knew it or not you in fact gave them authorization to email you. And once thousands of men and women have your email address they're able to actually email you anytime they desire. Which means that very quickly your email mailbox may very well be packed with junk every day. So when you look at it, really the only benefit is going to the people that started up an FFA Internet site in the first place.

The fact that there are real quick, and even search engine friendly ways to build links, it makes me wonder exactly how any of these websites have survived. I understand the value of link building and that it needs to be done but if you don't want to get in trouble you have to stay away from these websites.

Link farms are yet another thing that you really have to avoid. Free for all Internet sites and link farms are usually pretty much the exact same bad apple. This is essentially taking a group of sites and having all the websites backlinking to all the other websites inside the group and also to your main website. While I've not heard much about this in the last year, men and women are still doing it, but they do not understand that Google is wise to this trick. Google and also the various other search engines want to see all natural linking so don't make use of the link farm technique or the FFA websites.

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