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So what's in a Top 10 list? Whether it is the Top 10 products, movies, songs, restaurant or places to visit, lists are respected. Lists tend to give value to the subject matter being discussed. When you put numbers to it then it adds more authority to it because we are now looking at ranking and comparing.

This is the reason I have decided to do a post on the subject at hand on what's at the top in Clickbank.

If you want to know what's a really good product to buy then you need to know what people are buying. Obviously if people are buying it then there has to be something about that product that people see as beneficial. Anyone that will part ways with their money today will ask the old saying what's in it for me?

I will be listing for you the top 10 Clickbank products that are selling online now. Please take note that this list ranking is at the current day of this post. The results may be different depending on the time you view this. I will also give you a summary of the product. They may cover a variety of niches that may not necessarily be related.

The rating is based on high gravity trends (the number of different affiliates who have sold the product in the past 12 weeks), increasing momentum and overall marketplace exposure. (10 = lowest rank and 1= highest rank) :

10. The Magic of Making Up (get your Ex Back)
The Magic of Making Up brings back your ex lover, ex wife or ex husband by winning their hearts, mind and soul. The secret of stopping break ups, divorce and rejections is revealed.

Category: Self - Help

9. Dating Advice For Men
Dating tips, getting a girlfriend. How to be in the top 2% of men just by correcting a few SIMPLE mistakes.

Category: Self - Help

8. The Diet Solution Program
Find out why diets keep you fat and prevent weight loss. Stop dieting......Start Eating...........and Start Living!

Category: Health & Fitness

7. Get Cash For Surveys
Paid Surveys For Money. Get fast cash for surveys. See how to get paid for your opinion.

Category: E-business & E-marketing

6. Phone Search
Reverse lookup a phone number to find the owners name & address. Cell phone, landline, & unlisted numbers. Search now.

Category: Software & Services

5. The Truth About Abs
The #1 Rated Abs Program on the Internet. The Honest Source on Abdominals & Fat Loss. Surprising fat burning foods, unique workouts that burn stomach fat.

Category:Health & Fitness

4. Work From No Home
How to make $$$$$ (amount revealed on website) on vacation with just a laptop and the internet. The Work From No Home System is a complete A-Z marketing course consisting of a PDF guide, multiple videos.

Category:E-business & E-marketing

3. The $3 Million Monster
Instant Autopilot Profits. Discover how to generate Traffic to help you make More Money online.

Category : E-business & E-marketing

2. The Internet Marketing Business - Dotcomsecrets X
Internet Marketing Coaching Program. Internet Marketing Business will set you up and get you making money within a month.

Category: E-business & E-marketing

1. How To Watch TV ON Your PC FREE
Online TV technology let's You Enjoy Over 3,500 HD channels on your PC. No Monthly Subscriptions. No hardware installation or bandwidth restrictions. Cancel Your Cable or Satellite TV Monthly Payments NOW.

Category : Arts & Entertainment

Yeah I know what you may be thinking, boy if I could have a number 1 product in any category that would be super.

I know the feeling. So what's your take on this top 10 list?

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