New Xbox Release + Get Paid To Play Video Games

As Microsoft's Xbox now releases a new game console are we in for a new fight of the video games war? It has reportedly been 8 years since Xbox's last release. Was this enough time for a great comeback? Did it allow them enough time to develop an outstanding product that users would not imagine?

Well it will all be said by consumers in a short time. You know it is the consumers that actually tell product creators that they approve or disapprove of their products. I also learned that there are video game testers that get paid to play and test video games. This is what help these product creators know what decisions to make in developing their games. The new Box is not expected to be available until later this year but it is being announced as "“Xbox: A New Generation Revealed.”

Will this be the start of entertainment history or the big hype to a product flop? Will Sony's PlayStation take revenge on this and launch a greater attack?  We must also bear in mind the introduction of smart phones and social media has helped turn the videogame business in another direction. What they did is added low pricing competition. So to compete in this game your pricing must also be competitive or people really have to be getting a great experience to pull money out of their pockets.

As I said earlier this fight is in the hands of consumers and video game lovers. Time will soon tell who the new winner will be in this business.

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